Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Painting with Layers

I dare someone to pick up a paint brush and paint. I think that "Painting" is a dying art. Pun intended. I have been having great fun messing around with paints. This half way done butterfly is an acrylic piece that I have been working on that started out OK and has gotten better and better. I learned a few things and thought that I would mention them. The first: Painting is best described in layers. I have noticed that be the use of layers one can achieve a fairly realistic piece. The butterfly for example, is being painted in layers. This is fairly different than working with pencil in the sense that the pencil is done like a map of shades. In other words, I like to start my drawing in the upper left corner and work my way down to the lower left keeping my page free of unwanted smears(hopefully). However, with the painting, I can just start throwing color on the page. It is very intriguing to me. So not only do you want to draw what you see; one must see the layers to paint. This concept helped me to jump a minor hurdle. that I was struggling with. By the way, I do not yet know if this completely works with watercolor. I guess someone will just have to try it out. =) any way enjoy and notice the layers!

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