Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tools and Materials

Drawing is an important Art form in and of itself all the way down to Signing your name.
Drawing starts as lines and circles which evolve into shapes; add light and dark shading and you drawing can come to life! Materials for drawing are not expensive, and I love the fact that you can draw just about anywhere. As you improve you will desire a "new edge" and the need for more expensive tools will come. You want to always make sure that your work will be preserved for as long as possible. This is why I say, "Never draw on lined notebook paper unless that is part of your idea!" here is a list of items that I use and may be helpful to you:

Sketch Pads - I use nothing less than 70lb paper but prefer +100lb
Workspace - this could be an isle, desk, drawing board, or a comfortable workable space for you.
Artist's Erasers - I recommend a kneaded eraser as it is soft on the page and mold-able.
Blending tools - I use paper blending stumps, cue tips, and a soft form of tissue paper.

Pencils - I enjoy using a range of Derwent graphic pencils.
Charcoal - I use primarily the charcoal pencils, but you can use sticks as well.
Sharpener - I would avoid electric sharpeners or anything that would waste the pencil!
Fixative - This is merely a way to help preserve and protect your drawings

I purchase the majority of these supplies at a HOBBY LOBBY.

Hope that this helps and our next lesson will be on Perspective.

email me any questions at joe(at)


Joe Everson

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Finished i finally finished! This is a drawing of B J Cunningham who is a wide reciever for MSU. I took a picture of it with my phone so the quality is so so...I hope that B J likes it.


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